YOUR Story - a Gift Not Heard Before
I'm Kathleen Panning, a retired pastor who's been ordained for nearly 40 years. I've been in small, medium and large congregations, as a solo pastor and on staff, and been an interim chaplain at a multi-level retirement community. I've had 4 units of CPE, am certified by my denomination for chaplaincy, have been trained as a mentor and facilitator, and am a Fascinate Certified Advisor. Since 2017 I've been hosting Aflame Ministry, a weekly interfaith internet radio show on the BBM Global Network and also heard on Apple Podcast and iheart radio.
I've heard and experienced the same sorts of things you have. Thing like: 
- waiting 9 months for my first position when male colleagues had positions within a month or two of graduating from seminary 
- being told the congregation had to 'settle' for me because the bishop wouldn't give them more names since they couldn't give a legitimate reason not to call me  
- being asked why I should get paid "so much" (that was just beginning salary for my denomination) when I wasn't supporting a family
- and more.

You have your own story.  It's time you had a chance to share it in a safe environment, without judgment.  Plus, it's time we join together to plan ways to change things.l
I'm offering up to 50 female faith leaders the chance to gather in one of 5 deep listening sessions of one hour each.
Each session is:

- Limited: A maximum of 10 women per session to make sure everyone has a chance to share
- Local: This will be done via zoom video conferencing, so there's no travel required
- Confidential: Each participant will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to participating to make this a safe place to share

It's hard to put a price on the value of being heard. 
But the price of NOT being heard:
  • stress 
  • loss of self-esteem 
  • possibly depression
  • ​definitely frustration
  • ​lack of motivation
  • ​the loss others experience when our ministry is not valued
You are worth being heard!
To get your preferred date and time, click your choice below:

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